Monday, January 16, 2012

super mom skill #1

I have honed a lot of skills as a parent.  One skill which can sometimes come as a mixed blessing is the ability to smell and recognize a poopy bottom.  Yes, ability to recognize a stinky nappy is one of my super-mom skills.
When, the twins, Max and Maya were young I could walk into the room and know immediately which one was stinky.  Don't ask me how I would know, it was just a super-mom skill.  I also make milk.  I have several super powers.

Having Trent has further refined this skill.  The other day I was driving to the beach with a car full of kids when all of the sudden I knew that Trent had filled his shorts.  I pulled over the car to give him a change.  Not even the teenager sitting right next to him had any idea.

Trent has recently started eating solids (a post for another day) which has turned his not-so-smelly-almost- sweet-smelling breastmilk nappies into stink bombs.

Unfortunately all my abilities to recognize a stinky nappy does not exempt me from having to also change and dispose of those monstrosities.  But, a short while ago I volunteered to review the Munchkin Nappy Disposal System.  I figured with a baby in nappies full time and two three year olds who still wear nappies at night time we will be disposing of a lot of nappies in the coming months.

We keep the nappy bin in the laundry room, because that is where it fits best and I honestly can't smell stinky nappies when I enter the room, which is amazing.

Another beniefit to the nappy disposal system is that Max and Maya think it is cool to help throw away nappies.  I don't even have to ask twice (which is doesn't happen often with 3 year olds) and they are happy put them in to the cool nappy bin that makes nappies disappear.

The nappy bin doesn't go through bags as often as I thought it might.  I was a bit worried that I would quickly have to buy new refills.   It is easy to remove and replace the bag.  I also love that the full bag clips shut further containing the smell even when it is out of the bin.

Now if they could just figure out a way to keep me from having to smell the nappy while changing it.  :)


  1. Oh my! Those combined breastmilk/ solid food diapers are the WORST!

  2. Hi Alisa- I'm checking in on you. I've lost that super skill- but I can tell when my kids are fake crying very well. And I have eyes on the back of my head.

    1. I still need to work on those skills. I still sometimes get sucked in by the fake crying.

  3. I just declared to my husband this morning that the one super power that I think I might pass on would be super smell, so this amuses the heck out of me!

    1. I sometimes think that I am losing my sense of smell, but when it comes to stinky nappies I can smell them from a mile away.