Saturday, October 13, 2012

mercer boating

During our visit to Utah, we were able to spend one Saturday boating and wakeboarding, which is an activity that is integral to Lonnie's family.  The Mercers are pretty serious about their boating/wakeboarding/waterskiing, and Lonnie was raised going out to the lake a lot during the summers.  As soon as summer came around when Lonnie and I were dating, we went out to the lake, and I learned to wakeboard.

Going wakeboarding with his family is probably one of the things that Lonnie misses the most while living away.  Plus, our kids had never been out boating with the Mercers, so this boating trip was almost like a time for Maya, Max, and Trent to become real Mercers (or maybe that comes when they learn to waterski or wakeboard...).

We went out to the lake with Lonnie's brother Darin and his family as well as Lucky (Lonnie's youngest brother).  The weather was perfect...sunny, warm, and calm.  Despite it being about 5 years since my last wakeboarding run, I was able to get up after a few attempts.  The kids had so much fun with their cousins, and Max had to try and see every little corner of the boat.

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