Saturday, January 25, 2014


Continuing Trent's adventures...

While we were still living in New Zealand, we discovered after Trent was twice swarmed by hornets that flying/stinging insects are attracted to my sweet baby.  

Back in the US, we went on a ward camping trip to East Canyon.  Lonnie and Trent were out for a walk and a biker passed.  Lonnie stepped aside on the trail and a few seconds later Trent started screaming.  Lonnie looked down and saw Trent swarmed again.  He grabbed him and ran back to camp.  When I saw him I stripped him down and another bee (wasp) flew out.  Lonnie was bitten at least 5 times and Trent the same.  Thankfully some other ward members had an antihistime and also suggested we put toothpaste on the bites.  Trent was screaming until the toothpaste (non gel) took away the string.   Unfortunately one of the stings was on his eye lid and by morning his eye was swollen shut.  It didn't seem to bother him too much, but he looked terrible so we spent the next couple of days trying to get him to say "Baby Ruth".  

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