Saturday, November 8, 2008

cooking with mom

Last Saturday, Lonnie and I tried to get some yard work done while the kids hung out in the hammock. When we had done this in the past, the kids seemed to really enjoy just hanging out and relaxing. This time, Max wanted to sit up the entire time and watch his dad mow the
lawn, and Maya seemed very scared of the noisy lawn mower. So I took her inside to make some pie. It is always nice to have a good excuse to make pie.

I should have something to say here about gender roles, but I will just say that everyone loves pie and sometimes I really enjoy spending time with my kids one at a time so it was nice to have an excuse to come inside and make a pie with my little Maya.

I've decided to post some of the recipes that I make and like on a blog so that I can easily find them again when I need to figure out something to cook. I probably won't update it very often, but just use it as an occasional resource. So here you go....

Lonnie and I bought the dress that Maya is wearing while we were in Guatemala in May of 2005. Our lives have sure changed a lot since then.


  1. The twin penguins look so cute sleeping in the hammock!

    Yumm, pie. What kind did you make??

    (By way of an obvious caution, be careful with the Bumbo on the counter. Addsion can twist and arch her back so well that she pops right out of hers whenever she feels like it).

  2. Yeah, the kids are starting to get a little shiffty in bumbo. We keep them close when they are in it.

  3. That's just about how I imagined it for you. Priceless.