Thursday, November 6, 2008

sweet relief

Oh guys just made me cry and then laugh. The babies are thrilled about the election...on that one point I am clear, they couldn't get over their excitement last night.

We all finally had a nap together. It lasted a whole two hours...whoohoo! Thankfully, Lonnie also won't be gone long. He should be back tomorrow and there is a chance he might be back very late tonight.

In related news, Max has two teeth, yup two of them. All the while we were thinking Maya was the one with teething pain. It turns out it was sympathy pain (or quite possibly something else entirely) but our little guy has two little sharp teeth sticking out from his bottom gum. Thankfully he has also been in a pretty good mood today.


  1. May he not use those to nibble on you. That hurts!

  2. Yes, I have already started to feel the power of his choppers. I have to make sure he doesn't linger too long after he eats or I am bound to feel the pain.

  3. Max is such an advanced baby! Rolling skills, teeth, hair....