Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's been a long morning already....

1:00am- Maya is crying....I go upstairs and calm her down and put her back to sleep
2:00am- Max starts crying.....hoping to stop the 2 week long 2am wake up, I try to ignore him. I end up crying out of desperation. (Why can't I just decide to ignore it like Lonnie can?)
2:00-2:30am- I start to get out of bed several times, my head is spinning, the room feels like a roller coaster.
2:30am- Lonnie finally goes upstairs and tries to calm Max.
3:45am- Lonnie brings me upstairs and we sit on the coach and I feed Max
4:30am- Lonnie's alarm goes off and he gets up to get ready to go out of town.
5:00am- Maya wakes up and is hungry, Lonnie brings her to me and I feed her in bed.
5:15am- Lonnie puts Maya back in bed and brings Max to me, in an effort to get them on the same schedule
5:20am- Lonnie leaves for Witchita Falls
5:30am- After feeding Max I don't have the energy to take him up stairs so I keep him in bed with me....he wiggles a lot.
6:15am- Maya wakes up and is talking to herself in bed, I try to ignore her in hopes that she will go back to sleep
6:30am- Maya starts to cry so get her out of bed and bring her into the living room
6:45am- change Maya's poopie diaper
7:00am- Max starts to make noise, I bring him upstairs to play with Maya while I try to rest on the couch
7:15am- Kids are being very cute and happy together, I video tape them.
7:30am- Max smells stinky...I start to change his diaper....he wasn't quite done and he poops all over the blanket, my arm and himself.
7:45am- After cleaning Max up a bit Maya starts to get fussy, I feed her and put her to bed
8:00am- I go down stairs and take a shower and bring Max in for a rinse off.
8:05am- Maya is crying in bed, I sooth her and put her in a darker room.
8:10am- Max has another messy diaper (not quite as much this time thankfully)
8:15am- I feed Max and put him to bed, hopefully he will sleep
8:30am- I am in my room, the house is quite.....I am writing this down in an effort to not go crazy.
8:42am- I'm going to try and sleep, wish me luck.

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