Tuesday, March 31, 2009

cousin adventures

While the cousins were in town we took them to Brazos Bend State Park. Spring is a great time to visit the alligators and they were out in full force. We saw more than 30 alligators.

A couple of small alligators sitting on logs.

While Lisa and I were walking with the babies back to the car we saw this very large alligator (probably around 7 feet) with a smaller alligator in it's mouth! We asked a ranger about it and she was even more surprised than we were. She said they were probably in a territorial dispute and it looks like the bigger alligator had won. Mason and Ammon couldn't miss out on the excitetment so they ran all the way back to see it.

We also saw several bright pink Roseate Spoonbills.


  1. alligators are fantastic, I grew up exploring Okefanokee swamp in southern GA. The cousins pic.. also fantastic.

  2. That big alligator pic with the little one in its mouth is INSANE.