Friday, April 3, 2009

breaking out of his cage

This is how I found Max today when I went in to check on him during the morning nap. He has fallen asleep in his crib sitting up a couple times in the last couple of weeks.

Thankfully, the babies usually are good sleepers. They know that the crib is for sleeping, and as soon as I put them in beds, they wiggle around until they find a comfy spot and then fall asleep. Lately, Max has been testing out his abilities and is now pulling himself up in his crib. I think it is the thrill of his new mobility. Not only is he crawling, but he is also holding on to walls and roaming through the house. His favorite spot seems to be under the kitchen table, probably due to the abundance of Cherrios that can be found there.

I took the babies to the doctor's office today. They have had runny noses and coughs for a couple weeks now. During the past week, their coughs have gotten worse. Last night, Max had a high fever. The doctor said they both have ear infections. Hopefully, they will start feeling better soon.


  1. Sorry about the ear infection thing. We have been down that road so many times that I have lost track. All my kiddos have had tubes and they are miracle workers...atleast for us. Sorry about that though. That is miserable for kiddos and mommies alike!

  2. Wow, he looks so big in that picture!