Tuesday, March 31, 2009


We had a great visit last week from Max and Maya's cousins from Tennessee. Lonnie's sister Lisa and three of her four kids were able to come down during their Spring Break to spend a couple of days with us. The babies were bit leery about the visitors when they first arrived. I wish we would have gotten a photo of their faces when Lisa and her kids came in to see the kids during bath time. Thankfully they quickly warmed up to them and were trilled to have so many adoring fans at their beck and call.

Ammon, Mason, Maya and Zaley snuggling on the hammock.

I think Lonnie and his nephews kind of look alike in this photo.

Zaley pushing Maya on the swing.

Max really enjoyed sitting with his cousins while they played x-box games.


  1. Is Max in trouble? Has he been grounded from the blog? We haven't seen him in the last three posts. We love seeing Maya and she is absolutely a wonderful darling girl. However, we are missing Max!

  2. I guess you are right Max has been neglected. He was still taking a nap while I took these cousin photos. Thankfully there is a photo of him at the state park. :)
    I'll have to add another one of him with his cousins.

  3. So many adorable RED HEADED cousins! It's like an Irish reunion, hee hee hee! :)

  4. I'm "unfortunatly not a red-head, I'm really blonde.