Wednesday, December 14, 2011

auckland botanical gardens

We had a free Saturday a couple weeks ago and decided to head down to the Auckland Botanical Gardens as we had never been there.  We were also lucky enough to go during a sculpture exhibit that made it even more interesting. 
Max and Maya feeding the duck in the giant pod.
All of the grounds were beautiful but the most memorable were the Children's Gardens.  They had trails and tunnels for the kids to crawl through, a wobbly bridge, giant dinosaur eggs and animal scultputres.  We even saw a (real) beautiful kereru 
We finally were able to get some photos of Trent awake while on one of our adventures.
Isn't he sweet?  He really is a happy, smilely baby....even if he doesn't like to sit still or sleep in his bed.
Max and Maya enjoyed pretending like they were returning to the womb.  :)
We have realized lately how much they really do like each other.  When one of them are hungry they don't say-"I'm hungry", they say- "Max and Maya are hungry or Max and Maya want a treat".  We are more likely to hear "Max and Maya want to go out to play" that we are to hear about anything singular that one of them wants.  While there is noting easy about having two three year olds and a five month old baby, I do love how much Max and Maya play together.  The get very involved in their imaginary play, exploring the back yard and pretending to be animal rescuers for hours.  I'm glad they have each other.


  1. That is very sweet how much they love one another. Michael Anne has twin sister friends & they are very much the same way, they play well with others but really all they need is each other & they are perfectly content. Hopefully it stays that way!
    The gardens sound fun. Is it cool (cold) there this time of year?

  2. They don't always get along, but they do love each other and they like being together.

    It is fairly warm in New Zealand this time of year. But it has been very wet lately. The day we went to the botanical gardens it was kind of drizzly.