Tuesday, December 13, 2011

pregnancy journal

Lonnie rememberd that I would be fertile that day.  After the twins were born I finally started having regular periods.  

Two weeks later I started wondering if maybe I was pregnant.  I was constipated.  

A couple days later I started feeling sick...I had a bad cold.  I didn't want to take any medication until I knew for sure I wasn't pregnant.  I went to the grocery store and bought tampons and pregnancy tests.  I took the test the next day while the kids were napping.  I couldn't believe it when I saw the pink line appear.  I waited until Lonnie came home and showed him the test.  He thought I was kidding.

A couple days later I called my friend Sharon Down who is a midwife.  

My cold turned into bronchitis.  I saw my GP and got a perscription for antibiotics.  I don;t know if I have ever been more exhausted.

As soon as the bronchitiis started clearning up I got a yeast infection.

I also started feeling nausiated.  

I have felt pretty sick with this pregnancy but nothing compared to the twins.  Throwing up every couple of days is much better than several times a day.  

At six weeks, six days I had my first ultrasound.  You measured right on track.  I heard your heart beat.  There is only one of you!   

I didn't have many cravings with my first pregnancy.  I just didn't want to eat.  This time I have had some strange cravings.  Miestore Soup, lemon-aid, oranges, I would really, really love some Whole Foods Mangos but I'm not sure they would make it through customs. 

You are due on Max and Maya's due date...which will be the oppisite time of year because we are now in the Southern Hemisphere.  

I had an other ultrasound at almost 12 weeks.  You are growing perfectly.   This time my cervix also looks like it is staying in place.

Lonnie and i went on a date last night.  It was fun to be out with out the kids.  I sat next to a woman who was 8 weeks pregnant almost the whole time.  Even being out with out the kids I still talked about kids the whole time.

I've gotten to where I am only throwing up once a week.  Today happens to be the day.  

I wish there were something I could eat that would settle my stomach.

Max has diarreah. It isn't helping my nausia.  

Dec 12
Lonnie stayed home with Max while I took Maya to churh.  She seemed excited to have time alone with mom, which doesn't happen very often.   We stopped by the Playcentre Christmas party for the last 15 mins on our way home.  Maya kept saying "just you and me mom".  She brought home a ballon for Max and was thrilled when he was waiting for her in the drive way.  

Dec 13
Max doesn't seem to be getting any better.  He had two poopy diapers before 8:30am.  When I went to make his bed I also noticed that he had thrown up sometime in the night.  I called the dr but they are waiting for the test results from Friday to come in.  He has been lethargic today and has had very little appitite.  I am worried he is losing wieght.  

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