Monday, December 31, 2012

utah friends

We were so lucky to be able to spend special time with friends and family while we were in Utah.  

Oddly, we didn't get any photos of the people we spent the most time with, Laura and Tom and Lynne and Patsy.  Thank you for letting us stay in tour homes and dealing with our chaotic life.  

We did get photos of some friends.....
Tara and I are friends fist and fifth-cousins second.  

We spent a morning at park with Michael, Scott, Ann and her kids.  Michael and Scott, we can't wait to see you here in Auckland!
We also spent a some time at the park with Jaclyn and her kids.

Joanna and Andy
The Hermanas- Melissa, Sher, Sherrial, Marcy.
Ann and Brian- Kendall, Joanna, 

We wish we could have seen everyone.  Time went quicker than we thought it would.

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