Tuesday, January 1, 2013

christmas carnage

December has been a busy month.  Max and Maya are now in morning kindergarden (the equivalent of preschool in the US, but with government funding) for 20 hours a week.  They love it!  I try and stay to help as often as I can, which Trent loves.

With kindy, swimming classes, church and playdates Max and Maya have been worn out lately.   We usually have quite time after lunch while Trent sleeps.   I snapped this photo when they both feel asleep on the couch the other day.
Max and Maya are very out going.  They like meeting new people.  They run into kindy with our turning back.  They show off whenever new people come over to the house, but they are not performers.  The kindergarden had a Pirate themed Christmas gala where the kids were supposed to sing Pohutakawa Tree and Silent Night in Maori.  They both refused.  I took this photo of Maya while the other kids were preforming.  It reminds me that she is still so young and vulnerable.    
We had a lovely Christmas.  The Dimayas and the Kellys came over on Christmas eve.  We dinner, talked and had the kids perform a very quick version of the nativity.   
Christmas morning we were worried would be spent all by ourselves, but The Watts came and joined us for brunch.  The missionaries stopped by later in the afternoon and we also finished giving out our Christmas treats or caramel corn and fudge.  
I love that our kids can be so thrilled by (used) inexpensive gifts, may it always be so.
The best part of Christmas in New Zealand is the amazing weather.  Summer Christmas, along with two weeks of mandatory vacation for Lonnie, is wonderful.  The warm weather brings everything into full bloom, especially the beautiful red pohutakawa trees.  

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