Monday, December 5, 2011

more lately.....

Spending time at the library with Emma (more about her later) and running into our friends Helen and Ella, who was born about a month before Trent.  
Max and Maya love to read books, which makes me really happy.  Max is especially interested in atlases these days.
We also took an impromptu trip to the Auckland Museum one morning when I needed to go into the city to pick something up.  Trent was quite interested in the glass floor aquarium.   
We have spent several afternoons at the park.
And, of course, stopped at the beach on the way home for a quick dip.

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  1. Sounds like quite the idyllic day as a SAHM.
    And I just glanced at one of the quotes on the sidebar for "things you never thought you'd hear yourself say" and I laughed at the one where you tell Maya to not pick up dead animals. What dead animal was she picking up?!