Tuesday, December 6, 2011

rugby world cup

On the day before the end of the Rugby World Cup we decided to brave the crowds and head down town.  We even convinced Emma to come along with us, which was especially nice because we did a lot of walking and more importantly because we really enjoy her company.  We took the bus from Takapuna, which might have been the highlight of the trip for the kids. 
Standing outside "The Cloud"
There was an exhibition of kiwi ingenuity which included a display by Phil and Ted's.  We put Trent in the newest stroller so I could take a photo to show Ann.  Unfortunately neither I nor Emma could figure out how to unclip him.  Thankfully he was small enough to still slip out.  
I think this may be our first family photo of 5....although you can't really see Trent, at least you can see his hat. 

After we left The Cloud we walked along the Viaduct over to Wynyard Quarter and stopped along the way to explore.

The new park at Wynard Quarter is pretty awesome.  We all had a fun time playing even though I was worried we might lose Max and Maya in all the madness.

Nothing hotter than a baby carrying a baby.  :)

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