Tuesday, December 6, 2011


At the beginning of October we took a quick overnight trip to Tairua and stayed here The Gatehouse.  There are so many nice guest houses to stay in here in New Zealand.  Which makes travel a lot easier than staying in a hotel.   We went for just one night, and Trent had a hard time sleeping so we left earlier the next day than we had expected, but the drive was beautiful and it was still nice to get away for a night.  
 We had a nice hike up to the top of Paku Mountain.  Max and Maya have become good little hikers and Trent was happy to sleep in his Ergo pouch (have mentioned how much I LOVE this carrier?  We would be lost without it.)
The camera battery died right after we took this photo of the kids with silly faces, at least it shows the great view.


  1. Amen. LOVE the Ergo.

    Max's face kills me in this picture. I so wish our kids could play together again.

    Also, please tell me that behind the camera you're wearing a red shirt and brown/olive pants.

  2. You just made me laugh out loud. I don't think I had even realized that they were all matching...event he Ergo. I don't think I was wearing a red shirt and olive pants...but I can't really remember so let's say that I was.

    I wish our kids could play together too.